Fatigue tests on the Cessna 180 wing and strut

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“This Fatigue tests on the Cessna 180 wing and strut book, if not detected and addressed, could result in failure of the wing strut attach point during operation, which could result in loss of control,” it said.

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The FAA estimates that the AD affe aircraft, and that the cost of compliance would include $ to inspect each airplane and between $2, and $2, for any needed repairs. The FAA is requesting feedback from any owner/operators who has experience with the issues detailed in the Airworthiness Concern Sheets.

The FAA recently issued a pair of Airworthiness Concern Sheets, one directed at an issue found with float-equipped Cessna and models, and the other regarding a concern with Cessna, and models with strut-braced wings.

The second case concerns the fatigue test on a Cessna wing reported in Reference This test was undertaken partly because cracks had been discovered in the rear spars of two of these aircraft in service in Australasia.

The fatigue test produced cracks in the main spar, but none in the rear by: 1. The cracks are the result of metal fatigue, according to the AD, and could result in the wing strut attach point failing in-flight. The concerns have existed for 20 years+ and the AD mandates compliance with existing Cessna Service Bulletins SEB and SEBR1, which both date back to   Re: Cessna // Wing Performance mtv wrote: You obviously missed my point as well.

The point is: if you “Flight test” an airplane at X weight and Y center of gravity, then modify the airplane, and re-test at Z weight and or at A center of gravity, you have significantly biased your “results”.

Investigation revealed more than four dozen similar cracks on Textron Aviation and airplanes. It has been determined that the cracks result from metal fatigue. This condition, if not detected and addressed, could result in failure of the wing strut attach point during operation, which could result in.

Structural Analysis, Fatigue Analysis and Optimization of Aircraft Wings. CESSNA WING RIB CORROSION (FAA, systems track the applied load and safe ly unload the test item should : Xenofon Katifes.

The aircraft crashed at Schleiz, Thuringen, Germany, killing six people. The wing strut failed close to the upper attachment point.4'2s-3 For rotary-wing aircraft, failure of the engine or transmission was the most common fatigue problem and accounted for 32% of the accidents.

such as the two problem areas in the Cessna main landing Cited by:   The FAA released an airworthiness concern sheet for Cessna, and models with strut-braced wings, noting that wing deformation could result from the cracks in the vicinity of the wing strut attach fitting.

Cessna has also developed a list of inspections for its Supplemental Structural Inspection (SID) Program. The SID for the Cessna is pages long; it’s detailed.

Cessna’s CAP and SID programs focus on corrosion and metal fatigue : STEVE ELLS. That will completely erase any worry you have about the wing struts being a potential failure point. Click to expand It is true that the tail is the section of aircraft where we generally find fatigue damage first in propeller GA land.

The C Story Contrary to the maiden flight date and pilot recorded in "Wings of Cessna" by Edward H. Phillips, the log books of the author and Hank Waring show a maiden flight date of On one occasion the test pilot blacked out momentarily and the wings received a permanent set of 50 at the strut/wing juncture.

We were. The wing strut steps have been on the Cessna for decades and I have not heard of any strut failures in a or other then attempting to do aerobatics.

So as long as you use the step for checking your fuel levels and not for gymnastics the struts should be fine. The prototype CessnaN, first flew on Cessna engineering test pilot William D.

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Thompson was at the controls. In all its versions, 6, Cessna s were manufactured. Ina tricycle gear version of this design was introduced as the Cessna Manufacturer: Cessna Aircraft Company. STRUT CAMERA MOUNT FOR CESSNA This Camera Mount is strapped on the wingstrut of an aircraft as well as any tubular structure between and in diameter.

This mount will work with objects that operate on wings, wheels or : Spruce. If the strut breaks on your strut braced Cessna, well, it's not going to end well. That said, it is widely accepted that there has never been the failure of a strut braced Cessna in flight.

I am aware of a which was so badly overstressed recovering from a spin through cloud, that the wings were bent outboard of the strut. Ive seen several s hit the ground (the aftermath anyway).

The two things that (almost) never bend are the wing struts and the gear legs. Ive seen a couple wrecks where the the airplane ends up a mangled mess but everyone walks away and the two things that are intact are the cabin and the wings struts. Don't worry about wing struts dude.

The wing strut was recovered and found to have "downward necking" with a degree fracture. (I.E.-The strut broke not at the end-fittings, but at a mid-point after considerable stretching and thinning to the point of fracture.) If you step on your strut, be certain to. Comparison test flights were conducted at higher and lower weights on all approved model Cessna aircraft with and without wing extensions.

We discovered that for the same cruise power setting, the IAS remained the same and in some cases increased.

C and C increased 1 to 2 mph. IAS.

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Will WING-X STOL shorten my take off run. Further investigation indicated that the bolt holes on this strut had also wallowed out and were causing the looseness. Fresh nuts were found on the attach bolt, indicating someone had attempted to tighten this up in the past.

Note that there are several flavors of wing struts for Cessna s. Cessna introduced the heavier and more powerful as a complement to the Cessna It eventually came to be known as the Skywagon, a name first applied only to the more-powerful The prototype CessnaN, first flew on Cessna engineering test pilot William D.

Thompson was at the controls. The original Cessna was a more powerful version of the The reason the CG on the was going to be further forward than on the was because a larger engine, constant speed propeller, and adjustable cooling air outlet (cowling) flaps were going to put extra weight in at the : Harry Clements.

Wings and Wing Struts. Aileron. Bladder / / left wing and newer overhauled no tag. LH – RH. Step Assembly Strut Mounted – LH – RH Removed from Cessna Part# Read More.

Strut Assy – Wing LH. Strut Assy – Wing LH Removed from UF Part# PA Approved even for aircraft not originally equipped with wing strut fairings.

Hardware kit P/N H must be purchased for initial install if you do not currently have strut fairings installed. Reduce drag on your early model Cessna. CESSNA WING TIPS (Conical) for LATE MODEL ( and later) Cessna,T, A, The BEST VALUE in Cessna replacement wing. STRUT CUFFS FOR CESSNA Heres an unbeatable item for renovating your Cessna; a set of replacement strut cuffs.

Order just one cuff to replace a damaged original, or get a set of four for a complete replacement. Split for easy : Spruce. The Cessna / is an all-metal high wing four-passenger plane with a fixed conventional landing gear.

The wing has an NACA series airfoil section and used a single extruded aluminum front strut. But if the aircraft is operated safely, they are one of the strongest wings ever built. They are under low amounts of stress so don't suffer from metal fatigue like lots of other planes do, and there have been no structural issues with the wings in over 65 years of service (the Cessna B and wings are essentially identical to the 's).

In Cessna began marketing the A, an all-metal with zero-dihedral wing tapered outboard of the slightly-enlarged plain flaps, and a single strut replacing the "V" strut of the This and subsequent versions of the shared the fin/rudder shape of the larger Cessna Manufacturer: Cessna Aircraft Company.

Cessna Aircraft Books, Airplane Book Store and General Aviation Books. Learning about the Cessna aircraft is learning about aviation history. General Aviation really got a big start when Cessna started building it's first airplanes. Because of Cessna's efforts, the airplane became less expensive, safer and easer to fly than ever.

Full text of "ECL Crop Spraying Boom For Cessna " Exhibit II b. ECL B CROP SPRAYING BOOM FOR CESSNA (B) 9 ECL B CESSNA and SKY WAG ON (USA) Light transport Data: Model Power plant: One Continental D piston engine ( hp) Wing span: 35 ft 10 in ( m), Length overall: Landplane, skiplane 25 ft 9.

Service bulletin talks about replacing fuel tanks in the Piper airplane wings. Airframe Components shows you how to check your wings to find out if.

Cessna SIDs examples. Cessna P wing strut fitting cracked at the bolt hole (found using eddy current inspection) SDR Cessna lower undercarriage bulkhead skin deformed, cracked and corroded. Cessna Carry through spar with severe exfoliation corrosion.